Do I need a Vietnam Visa

Vietnam visa for arriving in Vietnam via cruise


Please advise me. I will traveling to Vietnam by cruise, just stay in the country for around 2 days. Do I need a Vietnam visa. And if yes, can I obtain the visa online. I’m Czech citizen.

Dear Lucas,

Please be informed that as a Czech citizen, you need to obtain a Vietnam visa for your every trip to the country regardless of how long you will stay here.

As you will travel to Vietnam by cruise, you must obtain a full visa before your departure. In this case, we suggest you contact the cruise line to make sure whether they assist you to arrange the visa. Otherwise, you must contact the Vietnam embassy for visa application.

You cannot obtain the visa online in this case as this type of visa is for those traveling to Vietnam by air only.

Hopefully you get your visa arranged well.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

Kind regards,