Vietnam visa application form issued by Vietnam embassy in Czech

Vietnam Visa Application Form at Vietnam Embassy in Czech

For those who wish to obtain a full Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Czech, they should download this visa application and fill it out to submit to the embassy. This form is provided on website of the embassy.

Vietnam visa application form issued by Vietnam embassy in Czech


Here is information to be provided in the visa application form issued by the Vietnam Embassy in Czech:

  1. Full name: It should be written in block letters
  2. Date of birth: in DD/MM/YYYY format
  3. Gender
  4. Nationality (2 kinds of nationality: nationality of birth and present nationality)
  5. Passport Number
  6. Date of issue
  7. Date of expiry
  8. Profession
  9. Place of employment
  10. Telephone (office)
  11. Present address
  12. Purpose of visit
  13. Name, address of contact in Vietnam
  14. Proposed date of entry and exit Vietnam
  15. Number of entries (single or multiple)
  16. Port of arrival and departure
  17. Your declaration.

After completing the application form, you need to submit it together with your original passport, passport-sized photo and visa fee to the embassy in person or via post.

Applying for visa at embassy is perhaps the very first way travelers often think of when their issues comes from visa. However, please keep in mind that, if you travel to Vietnam by air, you have a much simpler way to obtain a visa for Vietnam, which is to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival. With this way, you only need to submit an online Vietnam visa application with less information, including:

  • Contact information (name, email and phone number);
  • Visa information (visa type, visa duration, arrival airport and purpose of visit);
  • Applicant’s information (full name, gender, date of birth, passport number and passport expiry date);

For more information about this kind of visa, please refer to