How to get Vietnam visa from Portugal

Portugese passport holders or Portugal residents can get Vietnam visa from Portugal in 1 of 2 ways: at Embassies or applying Vietnam visa online. Read more.
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How to get Vietnam visa from Philippines?

Is Fillipino exempted from Vietnam Visa? 2 methods to apply for a visa for Vietnam from Phillipines? Details can be found here!
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3 requirements for Czech passport holders to pick up Vietnam visa upon arrival

Getting Vietnam visa on arrival has been long preferred by travelers to Vietnam in general and Czech passport holders to Vietnam in particular for its convenience and simplicity. But what are conditions for Czech travelers to obtain this kind of visa. This post with deal with this issue.
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Longest term for Vietnam tourist visa for Czech citizens

You are Czech citizens and you are planning a trip to Vietnam, you may wonder what is longest term for a tourist visa to Vietnam. You can find the answer here.
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9 types of Vietnam visa on arrival available for Czech Citizens in 2016

For a long time, Vietnam visa on arrival has been much preferred…
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Vietnam Visa on Arrival V.S Vietnam Embassy Visa

Check out the following comparison between these two ways in order to find out the reason why VOA has been becoming more popular to those from Czech.
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Apply for Vietnam visa for Czech citizens living abroad

You hold an Czech passport but now you are not living in your country. You are planning a visit to Vietnam and wonder how to get a visa. This guide is for you.
Vietnam visa application form issued by Vietnam embassy in Czech

Vietnam Visa Application Form at Vietnam Embassy in Czech

For those who wish to obtain a full Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Czech, they should download this visa application and fill it out to submit to the embassy. This form is provided on website of the embassy.
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4 Undeniable Benefits of Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Czech citizens

Those, especially Czech passport holders who have used visa on arrival to Vietnam would find that this kind of Vietnam visa provides them with 4 benefits which cannot be denied.
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Apply Vietnam Visa Before Tet Holiday

Please be advised that the Vietnam Immigration Department will be closed for Tet holiday (New Year Holiday) from February 6 to February 14, 2016. Though we are still accepting new requests, approval letter can not be issued during that time. All orders to us will be processed when the Immigration office is open again, from January 15, 2016. If you intend to visit Vietnam during this time, kindly apply for the visa as soon as possible to avoid the trip delay.