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3 requirements for Czech passport holders to pick up Vietnam visa upon arrival

Getting Vietnam visa on arrival has been long preferred by travelers to Vietnam in general and Czech passport holders to Vietnam in particular for its convenience and simplicity. But what are conditions for Czech travelers to obtain this kind of visa. This post with deal with this issue.

To pick up a full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport, there are 3 conditions you – as a holder of Czech passport should satisfy as follows:

Vietnam visa on arrival for Czech1. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from arrival date<

This is the common procedure for both those obtaining a visa via the embassy of Vietnam and those obtaining the visa on arrival. We can process the visa approval letter for you in case your passport has a shorter validity, but the airlines may refuse it. So, in case you have your passport valid for less than 6 months since your arrival date, you are highly recommended to renew it before submitting your visa application.

2. You must enter Vietnam by air

As this kind of visa must be picked up at Vietnam airport, so it is for those traveling to Vietnam by air only.

3. You must obtain a visa approval letter beforehand

Unless visa on arrival to Cambodia or some other countries which requires travelers to do nothing in advance, to pick up full visa on arrival at Vietnam airport, you must obtain a letter called visa approval letter prior to your departure for Vietnam.

This letter is considered official permission allowing to get on board to Vietnam to get visa on arrival.

So, these are 3 conditions to get full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport. What is the entire process of getting this kind of visa? Let’s see the guide below.

applying for vietnam visa onlineHow to get Vietnam visa on arrival?

As mentioned above, to get the visa approval letter, you will need first to obtain a visa approval letter by clicking on the link, fill out the online form there, then pay for service fee. After 2 working days you will receive the visa approval letter via your registered email.

What’s next?

After getting the visa approval letter, you will need to print it out together with the entry and exit form (called Vietnamese visa application form), complete it with required information and a portrait photo and prepare another portrait photo for later use if required.

When you do check-in at the departure airport, you need to show your original passport and the visa approval letter to get on board. And then after landing at Vietnam airport, just head to the visa on arrival counter there, presenting your original passport, visa approval letter, entry and exit form, the portrait photo if required and paying for stamping fee to get visa stamped onto your passport.

Above are 3 requirements and the entire process to get Vietnam visa on arrival for Czech passport holders. Should you need any further information, feel free to let us know.