vietnam visa on arrival - visa to vietnam

Single Entry Visa for Vietnam

Hello, I have applied for a single entry visa for Vietnam. I fly into Hanoi and then also catch a flight to Saigon. Will a single entry visa be ok as I am flying internally once?
vietnam visa on arrival - visa to vietnam

Vietnam visa approval letter valid

Do the airlines recognize the letters for Visa on arrival as an acceptable means to board a flight to Vietnam? Or do they insist that the person has a visa on the passport prior to boarding the flight?
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Visa on arrival to Vietnam

We are travelling to Viet Nam in April 2016 how early can I apply for the letter of approval for a visa on arrival at the Hanoi airport?
How to apply Vietnam visa online from Czech

Visa for Phu Quoc island in Vietnam

My family is taking a vacation next week to Phu Quoc. We were originally told we would not need a visa to go to Phu Quoc. But Vietnam Airlines has changed our flight and our direct to Phu Quoc from Singapore has been been canceled and now will fly Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City with a 1 hour layover and then to Phu Quoc. Do we require to obtain a visa now?
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Vietnam Visa Question of Czech tourist

I am a Czech citizen (tourist). As I am not completely sure yet if I will be able to leave for Vietnam – this kind of visa seems suitable for me as I will be able to apply just before planed departure. Read more to know the questions about Vietnam visa on arrival.