Vietnam - Asia Silk Festival

Hoi An to host Vietnam - Asia silk festival

The Vietnam - Asia silk festival set to take place on March 28-29 will be a major cultural highlight of myriad of events celebrating the 41st anniversary of Hoi An City.
Vietnam visa for Czech citizens

No Vietnam visa is required for Czech citizens travelling to Phu Quoc island

Great news for all Czech citizens is that if they travelling directly or transit at any airport or seaport on their way to Phu Quoc Island, they will not need a Vietnam visa. In case they wish to visit other destinations following Phu Quoc, a Vietnam visa is required. And in this case, they only need to contact the Immigration Department there and will get the visa issued right on the spot.
decrease in stamping fee for Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam Visa Stamping Fee Officially Decreased by up to 47%

The stamping fee for Vietnam visa on arrival has officially decreased since November 23, 2015. If before November 23, 2015, this fee was US $45 for a single entry visa and US $95 for a multiple entry visa valid for up to 3 month, it is now only US $25 and US $50 respectively.
decrease of vietnam visa stamping fee from November 23, 2015

Almost 50% off Vietnam visa stamping fee from November 23, 2015

It is great news for all users of Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) that the stamping fee which is fee to be paid at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped onto passport will be cut down by almost 50% from November 23, 2015.
Vietnam visa on arrival fees for visitors to Vietnam from the Czech Republic

Fees for Vietnam Visa online from Czech Republic

How much does one applicant from Czech Republic have to pay if he/she use the service of Vietnam visa online (which is often called Vietnam visa on arrival service - VOA service)?
legal base for Vietnam visa on arrival applying online from Czech

Legal base for Vietnam Visa on arrival in Czech

Legal base to prove the legitimacy of Vietnam visa on arrival in all countries in general and in Czech in particular. Visa on arrival is the fastest way to get Vietnam Visa from Czech.
How to apply Vietnam visa online from Czech

How to apply for Vietnam Visa from Czech Republic?

Article introduces how to apply for Vietnam Visa from Czech, for Czech passport holders and others staying in Czech and wishing to travel to Vietnam.